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What is Galvanneal Steel? Galvanneal Steel is a continuously hot dipped galvanized product with the zinc coating completely converted to a zinc-iron alloy. It is this Galvanneal coating that provides corrosion resistance similar to what you see in the automotive industry. All Vision Hollow Metal steel doors and frames are manufactured using Galvanneal Steel as standard.

Why use Galvanneal Steel instead of cold rolled steel?
Galvanneal Steel compared to cold rolled steel is a far superior zinc-iron coated product. In manufacturing of steel doors and frames there are two distinct advantages for using Galvanneal Steel.
Superior Corrosion Performance: 

Galvanneal Steel has improved coating control over the entire product, thus the coating composition is consistent and uniform in appearance. The very fine matte finish acts like a primer and is naturally an excellent shield against rust.

Paintability and Long Reliable Service Life:
A tightly adherent paint film on Galvanneal Steel lasts longer then it would on non-galvanized steel because the zinc helps prevent rusting and blistering. Paint and zinc together will help to extend the rust free life of the product as compared to unpainted galvanized steel or painted non-galvanized steel products.

The Galvanneal Steel Standard Of Excellence!